Titan Rock is a composite floor covering with water-repellent (hydrophobic) properties.

It is a two-component compound: a synthetic composite elastomer made of polyurethane with ester and urea groups, aliphatic polyamines, hydroxyl-containing oligomers with α-graphite.

The finished coating is characterized by high wear resistance to abrasion, the effects of water, oils, organic solvents, detergents, chemical resistance.

It has high water-repellent ability and low adhesion to adhering dirt, which is easily shaken off under small mechanical influences and is easily washed off with water.

Application: exploited roof (waterproofing or topcoat), flooring: parking, workshop, production facilities, roofs coated with PVC membranes.


two component compound

from a suspension
of inorganic filler


Seamless coating

It forms an integral membrane including abutment points


high adhesion

Adhesion to concrete
not less than 3 MPa


Ease of repair

Ease of determination of mechanical damage to the coating


environmental friendliness

it is non-toxic and does
not emit any harmful
substances after curing


Cold application

Does not require heating
material and open flame


Exceptional resilience

To weather conditions
(from - 50°С to + 110°С) and to ultraviolet


the ability to work in cold weather

Ability to conduct work at temperatures up to -10°C


hydrophobic effect

Creates a moisture-proof layer
of concrete surface


cure time
4 hours

Possibility of operating
the coating after 10 hours

Basic physico-technical indicators

Содержание сухого вещества100%
Плотность состава1500 кг/м³
Соотношение компонентов по массе (компаунд : отвердитель)4 : 1
Теоретический расход при слое 2 мм2 кг/м²
Время жизни состава при температуре +20 °С45 минут
Время отверждения (готовности к эксплуатации) при температуре +20 °С72 часа
Прочность на разрыв35 МПа
Сопротивление раздиру70 Н/мм
Удлинение до разрыва, не менее15%
Твердость по Шору60 D
Адгезия к бетону, не менее3 МПа

Surface preparation

and application manual:


Surfaces: concrete, steel, wood. It is recommended to level and grind the concrete base – to reduce material consumption. The base must be dry and dust free, free of oil stains and dirt.


Base / air temperature: not less than 2°C above the dew point, from -10°C; material temperature from + 10°С.


Mix the two components of the material with each other (with a construction mixer, for 2-3 minutes, over the entire depth) and apply to the prepared base with an airless spraying machine or with a hand tool (brush, roller), taking into account the consumption: 2 l / m2.


Storage: shelf life in the original container: 12 months. Transportation at temperatures up to -40°C is allowed.


Safety: work in overalls.


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