Waterproofing works

We offer seamless and sprayed
waterproofing services for:


Rooms with high humidity (baths, laundries, car washes, technical wells, sewage systems).


Pools, artificial reservoirs, fountains, tanks for various purposes.


Terraces, floors, support beams and structures, pit elevator shafts, base plates, foundations, basements.


Tunnels, bridges, roads, piles, dowels, buried structures.


of work with us

Our authorized representatives will provide fast and high-quality waterproofing and anti-corrosion work of any complexity at new and repaired facilities, including:


– elimination of leaks in basements and underground structures, including with pressure filtration of moisture (from the inside);
– waterproofing and finish coating of pools and reservoirs;
– hydrophobic and chemical resistant coatings of any surfaces, including for aggressive environments .;
– repair and restoration of existing coatings from bitumen, cement, polyurethane and PVC materials.


Full Warranty

is very important for you

Sharing responsibility between the manufacturer of the material, the supplier and the manufacturer of the work, You simply cannot determine who is to blame for a possible marriage, or the insufficient quality of the finished coating.

We are responsible immediately for everything: as a manufacturer, supplier and worker – all rolled into one!
Moreover, we provide additional discounts on the entire order volume.

Order a full range of our services – it is safe and beneficial!

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