Integrated waterproofing system for concrete surfaces for waterproofing concrete surfaces during pressure filtration of moisture (from the inside), prefabricated and monolithic reinforced concrete structures of all types.

Application: creates a moisture-proof layer of concrete surface from the inside, prevents the penetration of moisture during pressure filtration, provides better resistance of concrete structures to aggressive acid and alkaline environments.

The product is a 2-layer system, including 2 components for separate layer-by-layer application:

  1. FARGOTECH® Penetrant: the principle of operation consists in deep penetration into the thickness of concrete, with the formation of a composite organo-mineral hydrophobic complex that tightly covers the micropores of concrete and ensures the creation of a durable moisture-proof layer.
  1. FARGOTECH® Sealant: penetration and hardening of the finish component provides tight closure of pores and microcracks of concrete, and also forms a dense and flexible hydrophobic film on the surface of the base.

The combined action of a two-layer system of penetrating waterproofing and hydrophobization of concrete provides extremely high waterproofing performance of the material.


improves performance and strength

Increases frost resistance
of concrete


hydrophobic effect

Creates a moisture-proof layer
of concrete surface


prevents moisture penetration

With pressure filtration


shutting of fresh concrete

Helps prevent rapid evaporation
of moisture


the ability to work
in cold weather

Ability to work at temperatures
up to -20 °C


low cost of the application process

You can use both hand tools
and any serial spray aggregate


Environmental friendliness

After curing, it is non-toxic and
does not emit harmful substances.


ease and simplicity of work

The principle of "put-and-forget"


Basic physico-technical indicators

The name of indicatorsCharacteristics and standardsTest method
Film colorComponent 1Red brownVisually
Component 2Transparent with a yellow tintVisually
Film appearanceComponent 1Homogeneous matt surface without impuritiesVisually
Component 2Homogeneous shiny (lacquered) surface without impuritiesVisually
Spreading rate in terms of dry film, ml / sq.m., No moreComponent 1500According to GOST 8784-74
Component 2500According to GOST 8784-74
VZ-246 viscosity viscosity with a nozzle diameter of 4 mm at a temperature of (20.0 ± 0.5) C, sec., Not less thanComponent 1Not less than 15According to GOST 8420-74
Component 2Not less than 25According to GOST 8420-74
Mass fraction of nonvolatile substances,%Component 125,5According to GOST 17537-72
Component 237,0 According to GOST 17537-72
Drying time to degree 3 at a temperature of (20.0 ± 0.5) ° С, h, no moreComponent 12According to GOST 19007-73
Component 24,5According to GOST 19007-73
Film strength in bending, mm, not lessComponent 1, 25,0According to GOST 6806-78
Resistance to static action of water at (20.0 ± 2) ° С, h, at leastComponent 1, 2240According to GOST 9403-80

Surface preparation

and application manual:


Surface: concrete.

It is recommended to level the concrete base – to reduce material consumption. The base must be dust free, free of oil stains and dirt. It is recommended to slightly moisten the concrete base with water before applying the material.


Base / air temperature: not less than 2°C above the dew point, from -10°C; material temperature from + 10°С.


Two components of the material are applied alternately, by airless spraying, or with a hand tool (brush, roller): at the beginning, apply the 1st component, observing the flow rate of ~ 0.5 kg / m2, wait for it to completely dry (check for “stickiness”), then apply the 2nd component, observing a flow rate of ~ 0.5 kg / m2, allow to dry completely. Subsequent finishing of the treated surface with any finishing materials is possible.


Storage: shelf life in the original container: 12 months. Transportation at temperatures up to -10°C is allowed.


Safety: work in overalls.


Please contact us for additional, detailed instructions that are most suitable for your property.



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