Single-component sprayable co-polymer mastic, creating a seamless, reliable waterproofing layer, even on a wet base, guaranteed to protect against any water penetration.

Application: basements, underground structures, roofs (waterproofing coating), floors, pools and tanks.

Also, it is very convenient for repairing of the existing coatings, including PVC membranes, etc.

It has exceptional adhesion to any materials, even to wet surfaces!

It can be used all year round, in any climatic conditions: from the subtropics (Turkey) to Antarctica (Mirny station, roof).



Composite waterproofing mastic with high waterproofing and UV-resistance characteristics.

It is a two-component compound consisting of a filler in a synthetic polyurethane elastomer with ester and urea groups, aliphatic polyamines and hydroxyl-containing oligomers.

It has a maximum dry residue (~ 100%), thereby forming a thick, thixotropic coating layer, up to 2 mm thick (on vertical surfaces) and up to 6 mm (on horizontal surfaces) in one application cycle.

The finished coating has a high resistance to water, oils, organic solvents, detergents, chemical resistance and wear resistance.

It does not contain any organic solvents. It is applied in the form of a 1-component composition and cured by a catalytic exothermic reaction with a hardener, without the participation of atmospheric moisture, that is why it is successfully cured at negative temperatures (down to -20 °C)

Application: roofs (waterproofing or finish), basements, underground structures, road surfaces (under an asphalt). It can be used for the repair of existing coatings, including bitumen-containing, PVC membranes, etc.



Integrated waterproofing system for concrete surfaces for waterproofing concrete surfaces during pressure filtration of moisture (from the inside), prefabricated and monolithic reinforced concrete structures of all types.

Application: creates a moisture-proof layer of concrete surface from the inside, prevents the penetration of moisture during pressure filtration, provides better resistance of concrete structures to aggressive acid and alkaline environments.

The product is a 2-layer system, including 2 components for separate layer-by-layer application:

  1. FARGOTECH® Penetrant: the principle of operation consists in deep penetration into the thickness of concrete, with the formation of a composite organo-mineral hydrophobic complex that tightly covers the micropores of concrete and ensures the creation of a durable moisture-proof layer.
  1. FARGOTECH® Sealant: penetration and hardening of the finish component provides tight closure of pores and microcracks of concrete, and also forms a dense and flexible hydrophobic film on the surface of the base.

The combined action of a two-layer system of penetrating waterproofing and hydrophobization of concrete provides extremely high waterproofing performance of the material.



Titan II is a urethane water-repellent (hydrophobic) varnish. It is a solution of a synthetic hydroxyl-containing oligomer blocked by isocyanate-containing compounds and special additives in dimethylbenzene.

The finished coating is characterized by high wear resistance to abrasion, the effects of water, oils and detergents, chemical resistance.

It has high water-repellent ability and low surface adhesion to sticking ice and dirt, which is easily shaken off under small vibration and mechanical loads.

Application: metal, steel, copper, cast iron surfaces and structures, wood, concrete



Titan Rock is a composite floor covering with water-repellent (hydrophobic) properties.

It is a two-component compound: a synthetic composite elastomer made of polyurethane with ester and urea groups, aliphatic polyamines, hydroxyl-containing oligomers with α-graphite.

The finished coating is characterized by high wear resistance to abrasion, the effects of water, oils, organic solvents, detergents, chemical resistance.

It has high water-repellent ability and low adhesion to adhering dirt, which is easily shaken off under small mechanical influences and is easily washed off with water.

Application: exploited roof (waterproofing or topcoat), flooring: parking, workshop, production facilities, roofs coated with PVC membranes.




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